The Heart of a Designer

Everyone has a certain beat when it comes to designing or a rhythm to our madness. Inspiration always seems to find us, instead of the other way around. But to understand the heart of design, we need to better understand ourselves. Are we an artist? What type of artist are we? It doesn’t matter where or what you design; the heart of a designer is always pounding from seeing the world through a unique lens. We see the world through our experiences, our emotions and our desire to create.Heart of Design I wanted to make a site that is relevant to the heart of a designer. No matter what the subject is; whether interior design, graphic design, photography, landscape design, fashion design, etc. These are all relevant to the heart of a designer.

Inspiration is found in three main places. The first place to look is the world. The world is full of inspiration for us to see and create. GO OUTSIDE, and spend some time looking at the shapes of objects and imagine what can be done with those shapes. Move your body around, whether exercising or just going for a walk. Find a place where you can let your mind wander into a happy place or into an oblivion of deep meditation. Go to an art gallery, or go online and see what other designers are doing. Exercise your imagination and creativity to find your inspiration.

The next place to find inspiration is time. You need experiences to bring out inspiration. Execute a plan and follow it. Whether you’re spontaneous and iron out the details later, or if you’re someone who needs to plan out their day; do something. Don’t just sit around all day and mope. (No wonder so many Americans are depressed). You have to do something to find inspiration and get the process going to find meaning in what you want to create.

Lastly, inspiration is found in others. People who inspire us will drive our heart to design and make something meaningful to us, as well as to other people. Don’t worry about what type of personality you are. Everyone needs friends. Everyone needs to step out of their comfort zone and meet new people or try new things with existing friends. If we’re bored, it’s our own fault. Sometimes the best place to find inspiration is this way. So get up, and go talk to people. Converse and collaborate with others.

The doorway is open to new ways of learning and finding inspiration. Once we find inspiration, there is one more thing we have to remember. Practice, practice and more practice. Even when our minds are engaged, we still need to train our bodies to do what we want it to do. We can’t be better designers just by expecting it to magically happen. Yes, there are people who are gifted and talented naturally when it comes to designing. I’ve known many of them who didn’t practice their craft and their abilities to design never grew. Soon enough, they stopped designing all together.

Iwa Jima WebI’m not the best designer. I don’t even consider myself that good, (mostly because I’m a perfectionist). But I enjoy the challenge. I love taking on something new. I believe I can get better with time, and through lots and lots of practice. Exercise those “heart” muscles, and discover the joy of creating. Because designing isn’t just about maintaining a passion or being better than someone else; it’s about discovery and the thrill of the end result. That’s something worth fighting for.