Inspired By Poison

beer logosI absolutely love checking out beer and whine logos. I could probably stare at them for hours. Most people would think that I’m weird and of course they’re right. My brain attaches to whatever design appeals to my sense of detail. So here’s my advice for beginning graphic designers; start by looking at beer and whine logos. Start creating simplicity first, then move into the more creative elements.

Some design teachers or professional designers may tell you to begin re-creating existing logos for various companies, which is fine. But beer and whine logos in my opinion are certainly more appealing to an employer. It reveals clarity in your designs that you can be simplistic or as complex as the project requires. Here are some examples of moving from simplicity into complexity.

Beer Logos

I Can't Draw

If you’re worried about the fact you can’t draw, don’t be. As I’ve already revealed to you, I’m kind of weird, but I’ll reveal something else to you. I can’t freehand draw anything to save my life. But place a grid on something, where I can draw one square at a time, and I can create anything. Or here’s another secret for those of you out there who are thinking about becoming a designer. If you’re looking to design something where both sides have to be the same, remember that you have technology. All you have to do is draw half of your design, and then copy, paste and flip it. Not only does it save time, but your design will be exact.

Technology has opened up the door for many people who want to pursue a design career, but aren’t “born” with the talent like some people. It’s true that they’re talented, but it doesn’t mean they’re a better designer than you. I know some artists who are fantastic on paper, but completely fall short when it comes to using the software like Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign. Knowing these programs will give you an edge and anybody can learn them…YES I MEAN ANYBODY. All it takes is time and practice.

Ryan and Wendy 1 year

A design I did for my best friend and his wife

Everyone has to start somewhere. So if you have a passion to be a designer, pursue it and don’t become discouraged when other people are “better” than you. You’ll always find someone who can design circles around you, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be the better employee. Remember that the heart of a designer isn’t just designing the external, it’s designing everything, including ourselves (the internal). Practice being reliable and hardworking. Practice designing your craft and yourself everyday, and you’ll be surprised who you beat out in a job interview.

Example being, have you ever seen a person’s designs and thought they were awesome. Then later on you actually met the designer and you were like “Wow, they’re kind of a ‘prick?'” And now you don’t really look for them to inspire anything you design. I met a fantastic designer when I was going to school . However, he was a complete “tool.” And by tool, you all know what I mean…

My encouragement to all designers our there is… be weird, but also design your heart to inspire. Have a quirk about you that sets you apart from the rest of other designers. Because chances are, that quirk may be the very thing that sets you apart to not only get a job, but to be an inspiration to other designers.