Nastolgia Is Your Guide?

coupleIf you’re unfamiliar with Nostalgia design just like at the image to the right and you’ll immediately know what I’m talking about. Yeah, the old time days of design seem to be coming back into advertising, or at least the appearance is anyway. How Design posted a report on its blog that iStock Photo increased their Nostalgia gallery by 30% due to the fashion and interior design trends.

Now I’m not going to argue whether this is good or bad, because I actually like the vintage appearance in artwork, but my concern is advertisers shouldn’t be taking the views of the fashion and interior design industries. My opinion is they really should be designing ads in the style their audience is looking for.

I do have a marketing background, and I know this a marketing ploy to appeal to the masses, but fashion and interior design trends fade in and out so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. Why would advertisers follow such an unpredictable trend. When the vintage style is no longer a trend, then advertisers are going to have to spend more money changing their ads, which will be even more because it will happen more frequently.

Vintage Media

Keep things simple. Get to know your audience and then design for them. If you want to go after new customers, then do some nice research through online marketing and social media. Because I’ll admit the vintage design is cool, but don’t waste time increasing your ads to look a certain way if it doesn’t appeal to your audience. Let the fashion and interior design industries stay in their element, and advertising stay in its element. In less of course you’re advertising in fashion or interior design.