Trend or Teaching Tool?

5 Reasons To Market OnlineMarketers are always looking for new ideas that allow their ideas to be clearly conveyed to their clients. One of these is InfoGraphics. You might have seen a lot of these being slapped on the web by companies. Personally I find them better than ads popping up with one tiny picture, (that’s been clearly Photoshopped), and the rest is text trying to explain to you in so many words what the product is about. They fail miserably by the way.

When it comes to InfoGraphics though, people see design. They see a work of art; a colored canvas presenting facts and statistics pleasantly stimulating for the eyes. This of course is just my opinion. Mark Smiciklas from puts it this way; InfoGraphics are “A visualization of data or ideas that tries to convey very complex information to an audience in a manner that can be quickly consumed and easily understood.” This is reason why marketers need InfoGraphics, and why designers need to learn how to make them. InfoGraphics are a trend, but they’re also a necessity. So start designing them.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Keep it simple- remember you’re trying to convey stats or ideas. You don’t need to complicate them even more by cluttering up the canvas.

2. Pick a clear analogy- if you’re going to translate your stats and make a comparison, make sure they translate well. Otherwise, you will lose your audience.

3. Get the facts and figures first- don’t start designing your InfoGraphic and assume your going to get the information later. Know what you have in front of you before you start designing. Have a plan of attack.

4. Don’t use all the colors of the rainbow- stick with three or four colors at most. Know what colors work well with each other. Are you going to use brights or neutrals?

5. Use clean typography- you’re trying to convey a message with images and words. So cursive type or heavily decorated type isn’t probably the best idea for the design.

Now, I’m not an expert in making InfoGraphics, (that’s why I went and got a quote from an expert). But I find this a useful learning tool to assist in becoming a better designer. And I highly recommend it to those who are looking for inspiration to become a better designer as well.