Benefits of Knowing Design Programs

I’ve said before that presentation is a large part of design. It’s not enough to create a design and let it sit there. If you’re creating a design to go onto something like a t-shirt, then present your design on a t-shirt. Don’t just let it sit there in a frame. Example…

Tie Dye

Now I’m not getting paid for these designs. These are simply designs I’ve made for my portfolio, designs made for t-shirts. So I needed to show what these designs will look like on a shirt. But some of you may be saying to yourself, “I don’t have money to print out a custom made t-shirt and have a model sport it.” Well you shouldn’t worry about that. You’re a designer. Such a simple problem shouldn’t stop you if you know the magic of Photoshop. Here’s a link to get started on learning the basics of performing this process.

The more you familiarize yourself with design programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, naturally the better you’ll become. And even if your  passion isn’t graphic design; knowing one of these programs will definitely benefit you in impressing a future employer.

Cross and Bone WingsT-shirt design is one of my favorite things to design. For the most part, when you begin designing the idea you have in your head, you’re not sure about how it will turn out. If you’re designing for a client, then it’s a completely different story. Most of the time, they have a specific idea in mind. But if you’re ever given free reign on coming up with the design yourself, enjoy it for all it’s worth. I think there’s nothing better than coming up with a t-shirt design, then after “completing” the project, you’re designer brain comes up with more ideas. Then you just start erupting into a designing frenzy, completing five to ten more ideas.

Now, if you’re a designer through writing…you’ll definitely want to get into learning InDesign. You’ll learn how to set up your layout for novels, or whatever other writing projects you can think of; the point being, you’ll save money by designing the layout yourself.

Available for kindle at

Available for kindle at

Many publishers want you to payout large sums to of money to do the layout and design the cover for you. If you know how to use these design programs, you automatically have the advantage to just give them your book and pay for the editing and distribution.

Or if you’re a stickler like me, and don’t really care to use a publisher or about the money; you can set up an account on kindle at and submit your work through them. However, you won’t get paid very much. But if you’re just looking to get published and have that on your resume, then it’s a great tool to use. This way you’ll also be able see if the book is any good by the amount of times it’s been downloaded.

The only downside to this is kindle has it’s own formatting system. However, I believe as time goes on, users are going to want to see the books they buy have the same layout as the author intended. Kindle could simply accomplish this by having authors submit PDFs, and users would then be able to see the true design of the author’s work.





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