Designing A Mindset

This is not going to be an argument whether or not war with North Korea should happen. The events will play out, and we will watch them as they happen. But what needs to be pointed out is the deep mindset of Kim. He has the mindset of a designer, one in which we definitely need to pay attention to constantly.

Every action begins with a thought, and every action that is fed by a constant mindset will eventually become habitual. When a habit is formed, then a character is reaped, which in turn becomes a “destiny” or the thing that drives your mindset. It becomes almost impossible to change a mindset once its set in motion.

For example, think about the last great idea you had. Whether it was something you wanted to learn how to cook, draw, sculpt, paint, write about, etc; the longer you thought about it, the more and more you wanted to act upon it. When you acted on it, you found out whether or not it was your passion or a “habit” you wanted to pursue. If it was your passion, your mindset became intertwined with continuing to act out that passion. Thus, you shape the kind of person you become or the “destiny” of your existence.

But there are other elements that go into forming the mindset of a designer. Environmental influence is a huge part of what contributes to our thoughts and actions. North Korea has a leader who has grown up in power. So naturally, his mindset is hungry to design power. Just like my mind is hungry to design graphics, inspire others to better themselves, and inspire others to build a better tomorrow.

Now I’ll come out and say it; no I don’t agree with what Kim is doing with his country. However, my purpose of writing this is to show how powerful a designer’s mindset can be. See how it has inspired Kim to make threats about going to war against the U.S. and South Korea. His environment helped design him that way, but you can also see he has a passion to pursue power and control. He has designed himself that way. The same way I have designed myself to pursue inspiring others to design their world and themselves better.

Iwa Jima WebIn this world we’ll run into designers who design themselves to be destructive, and other designers who design themselves to build. If you want to call it a battle between good and evil, that’s fine. But understanding the mindset of a designer is important to understand what actions will become their habit, forming their character, and ultimately building the path they walk in their existence. For this reason, my mindset is at war with Kim, but not his country. Because he designs for destruction, and I design to build. This is what Spiffynation is dedicated to promoting, and will continue to inspire in people who have a hunger for building a better tomorrow.