Your Website…Design Everything

With the exception of the plugins and using wix’s templates, I have finally finished my new and improved graphic design portfolio. I talked about doing this before in one of my previous posts. But it’s a great feeling to finally finish and move on to another project, whatever that may be.

Top of Website

Using wix has it’s ups and downs. First, you can’t have an infinite scroll unless you throw down some money. On the other hand, you can store as many images as you want and its user friendly templates are easy to quickly get up a free Website. If you’re looking to get your design portfolio on the web and don’t want to pay anything for a decent template, I recommend On the other hand, WordPress definitely has some great templates as well, and can set you up quite nicely. Just pick your preference and stick with it.

Middle of Website

Now comes the art gallery idea I was talking about. I loved “vectorizing” this room and making my designs appear like works of art in a gallery. I highly recommend this to graphic designers for a visual appeal to potential employers. It shows that you are willing to design everything and shows off your skills as a designer. Keep in mind your other pages don’t have to match what’s on the front page. It’s just your Home page is going to be the first thing someone sees. So make sure you give a great first impression. But make sure you keep the display pages of your design simplistic enough so you’re not overwhelming employers with your displays.

Bottom of Website

Finally, make sure you include where you are located elsewhere on the web. If you are a designer, make sure you are located on various social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. Google+ is a good idea to set up because it will help give you ranking for your Website. Make sure employer’s see this on your home page as well as your blog perhaps. Employers want to see you’re involvement in getting your work out in the public eye and see that you’re consistently talking about it.

Website footer

Feel free to check out my design portfolio (spiffygraphics) if you are looking for some inspiration on creating your Website ideas for your graphic design portfolio. Or you can scroll back up and click on the link to my Graphic Design Portfolio.