Times to Remember

How weird this day is when your mother is gone. I know I’m not the only one. While visiting her, I gazed around the beautiful flowers being brought to mothers who have passed on. What was inspiring to see, and what I am thankful for is that there are still many people who still hold gratitude for the one who birthed them; the one who carried them, not just in her body for nine months or so, but also in life.

Mother's DayMy mom is the one who helped design the person I am today. In fact, she was a huge part to inspiring me to start writing, designing graphics, but mostly for the ideal that design is everything or everything is design. She’s the one who taught me that we can not only design our artwork, but our attitudes, the choices we make to better ourselves and the world around us. She is actually the main inspiration behind the idea of a “designer builder.”

Statue On this national holiday, there is only one word that comes to my mind, and that is gratitude. And this really is the only way I know how to show it in the deepest meaning possible, because writing and graphic design are so close to my heart. I know I never would have gotten this way if my Mom wasn’t a teacher,  a teacher who inspired parents to get their kids to read and write. I used to hate reading, mostly because I kept seeing words “funny.” I’ve never been tested to see if I’m dyslexic; however, sometimes b’s look like p’s to me. That, and there really wasn’t a whole lot of Leap Frog toys, and any other toys out there encouraging kids to learn today. I would have been stuck in a world of ill-expression if it wasn’t for my mom. I never would have found out how to express myself clearly, and find my passions. Through it all, my mom never gave up on me. Many people can’t say that. So I am grateful to my mom who was determined to inspire me to become better and reach a greater potential.

She also helped me realize that having a heart of gratitude is what helps a person be truly happy. Because when you focus on the things you already possess, no matter how little you have, people are inspired by your attitude. You’ll never meet an ungrateful person and come away grateful that you spent time with them. Why, because they’re always complaining and whining about what they don’t have.

generation-next-full-logo1I’m not quite sure what has happened to us. My generation or the “Next” generation, has this mindset of Entitlement. Understand that accomplishments are not entangled in this because accomplishments are things you’ve done. An entitlement attitude is one that believes they deserve something which they haven’t worked for. I keep running into these people and it is kind of pathetic. What my mom taught me, and what I am thankful for, is that hard work is rewarding. This doesn’t mean we all need to drop our office jobs and start doing manual labor. I’ve run into morons who believe hard work is nothing but manual labor. And while manual labor is definitely rewarding, I believe all of us were designed for a purpose. Not everyone is designed to do manual labor their whole life, which is something we need to also be grateful for in this great country of ours. However, my mom taught me to never compromise what I’m passionate about, pursue the career that drives you. Sure we all have crappy jobs while we go through college, but that’s because we’re going to school to learn what we want to do for a living.

footprints 5Even in this harsh economic time, I would like to share this inspiration that my mom passed on to me. Never stop pursuing your passion, even if you don’t end up in the career you want. Because ultimately, through hard work, you will get to the job where you can pursue your passion. And you will be thankful for it because of the hard work you put into it. Your attitude won’t be one of entitlement, it will instead be one of gratitude. This is the path I have chosen to design for myself because I was inspired by my mom to inspire others. And if others decide to do the same, I believe our world will do greater things because our mindset will searching to build instead of destroy.

Happy Mother’s Day from Spiffynation