The Road to Inspiration

I came across this again, and I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since Jennifer set out on the quest for inspiration. One of the pieces to the heart of a designer is certainly inspiration from others, and I have to say, this girl has inspiration dripping off her skin because of the risk she took to pursue an idea, (or more like a brewing passion).

In the “Unclog Your Writer’s Block” post, I gave some inspiring tips I learned from a website blog. But I wanted to save this inspiration for another post. This is the part of a designer’s heart that seeks to be inspired by others, to get out of their comfort zone and follow an unknown path.

Map To Be Brave


Dare to do something you’ve never done before. This is that thrilling, scary part of a designer’s heart that many designers don’t pursue. We tend to stick to what is comfortable and easy going. You might ask, what’s wrong with that? The problem is, if you don’t step out of your ease and comfort zone, you’ll never know your greatest potential as a designer. Now, I’m not saying go hit the road and see where it leads you, (though some of you may think it a good idea). But we’re not all the same. For myself, I had to start small, and I’m an extrovert. I challenged myself to go to a Starbucks and chatted with a stranger. So you can start small and work your way up.

It’s important to remember to pursue your passion. Don’t sit there and tell me that your passion is to get rich because getting rich has nothing to do with passion; that’s all about greed. If you want to be greedy, that’s you’re choice. Join the Kim Jong-un fan club of designers who have a mindset to destroy. I’m talking about building yourself up, and pursuing something that matters to you, something you can own and no one else can claim it.

Colorado 2

I’m of course talking about experience. Get all that you can, and then get some more. Don’t stop being teachable. Let people inspire you to design yourself to become greater. If you’re a designer with a building mindset like me, you have the potential. Criticism is for people who have nothing to say. So what if your first designs aren’t awesome like some of the other designers, (who happen to be naturally talented at it); you’re on a road to design. There’s no shortcuts, especially if you’re passionate about something. Sit back and enjoy the scenery. Let it inspire you to design.

Windmill Publishing

This is actually one of my first designs. It’s hideous I know. I’m not sure how long it’s going to stay up, and I can’t believe I still have it on my computer. But I wanted to make a point, and consider this an act of a good spirit; that a designer, who is a perfectionist is sharing something so…transparent. But this is where I was when I first started. I just had to keep practicing and soak up every experience I encountered. There’s always one thing that’s true about gaining experience in something you’re passionate about; you’ll never forget it. Being a designer is chalked full of experiences, and failure happens. But you won’t feel like a failure because you’re pursuing your passion.

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