Interior Architects; Modifying the Norm


I want this chair

Justin and Cassity always have something interesting going on in their lives, mostly because their job is to refashion a room or modify the outside of a house. Their lives definitely reflect everything design, which is what Spiffynation is all about. We can look at what is trending in high fashion, interior design, where we can gaze upon impersonal magazine articles to tell us how we’re supposed to decorate. Or we can go and see what remodelaholics do, and get a more personal approach to ideas we are looking for.

Now if you’re passion is fashion or interior decor, please don’t misunderstand that looking at fashion magazines is ridiculous. We have to get our ideas from somewhere. So if you have this passion, that’s great. But if you want to connect your designs with people, start sharing your ideas in a personable way. Like the way this married couple shares their projects. These photos aren’t set up with certain lighting for a photographer to shoot so they can go into a magazine, they have an “in the moment display.”

Before, During, AfterThe creative process that went into refashioning this office is unique, the same kind of uniqueness we all share as designers. Don’t sell yourself short on how creative you really are. Some people have told me, “I’m just not a creative person.” Which is like just like saying, fish can live out of water or electricity isn’t very shocking. You’re a human, and your creativity is part of your DNA. What you’re really saying is “I’m scared of my potential.” That’s what’s ridiculous. You have an unnecessary fear for some reason or another. It could be the fact you look at other designers and think, “I could never be that good.” What really needs to happen is you need to keep in mind that we are all unique in our way of designing. Sure, there’s the industry of design that tells us what’s trending, but that should only be where we get ideas from; it should only be the step latter to where we want to go with our designs. (On a side note; no I am not giving anyone permission to start designing their house in gaudy contrast, like they did in the 70’s. We’ve moved on from then…let’s stay in the realm of getting better).

We’re supposed to be getting better. You look at the designs this couple is producing. It’s beneficial to anyone who will use it. That’s part of being a designer builder in the realm of interior construction, (my fancy way of saying interior design). Anyone who uses the office now is going to see the organized inspiration that went into designing the room. True designers plan thoroughly and with purpose. If they didn’t, it’d be like designing a t-shirt that no one wants to wear, a logo that no company wants to represent them, an infographic with useless information, a website with horrible navigation, etc. I could go on, but you get the idea. Designers must design with purpose.

Batchelor-Way-Office-1_thumbI’ve also heard people say, “Well, I design for myself or my writing is just for me.” Which is really nothing but fear of rejection or that you know you’re designs are really that bad. But do you know the best part about being a bad designer. You can always get better. I’m not the best designer, but I strive to design myself to become better. And in turn, my artwork improves and the world around me improves to become beneficial for others and myself.

Batchelor-Way-Office-5_thumbHowever, being afraid of sharing your ideas or your designs is hazardous to you knowing your potential. Your potential has the…well potential…to grow when you are willing to risk stepping out and sharing your ideas, especially on a personal level. Don’t try to hide or mask your designs by making them look “professional.” Personally, I have no idea if Justin or Cassity are professional photographers. If they are, that’s great. However, I can tell they didn’t go through all the trouble to take professional looking photos of the finished design. They allow their designs to stand on their own, which not only shows off a great deal of experienced confidence, but shows their passion is achieved by letting their ideas inspire ideas in others.

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