Edible Inspiration

Normally, I wouldn’t post things about how to cook. But this is my own creation that is probably the best dish I have ever made. This is the type of dish I would try and impress a girl with, if I didn’t hog it all for myself. That’s right, it’s that good. If a beautiful woman wanted to try it, I might actually turn her down. However, I decided to share this edible design of mine and perhaps give others some inspiration on the joy of eating as well. Please keep in mind that practice does make perfect. I have prepared this dish many times, and I don’t have exact amounts of the ingredients. I believe in cooking with “feeling,” like an Orchestra Conductor.

I call the dish “Sweet Chilli Cajun Chicken.” Here’s what you’ll need.


Take about one or two teaspoons of the spread, and pour in about as much sweet chilli sauce. You’ll want to melt them together, but you won’t have to do that until you’ve gotten your chicken ready. Go ahead and cut up your favorite brand of chicken. I don’t think it really matters. All I use is the Foster Farm’s boneless chicken tenders. Cut the chicken up in bite size pieces.

Cut Up Chicken

Now go ahead and melt the spread and sweet chilli sauce together. Make sure it’s nicely spread out in the skillet and then go ahead a place your chicken into it. Set your over to medium and start cooking. Now for the seasonings…



Pepper AddedYou don’t want to add a lot of White Pepper. That stuff is truly potent and can easily overpower the other seasonings. Sprinkle it lightly over your chicken. Black Pepper is definitely optional. The Cajun Seasoning has black pepper in it already, but I love black pepper. So I don’t mind having a little more. If you do too, then lightly sprinkle in some black pepper. Next is the minced garlic. You can choose dried or fresh. It doesn’t matter. Make sure there’s a nice spread throughout the skillet.

One of these seasonings may seem weird to some of you. Why does salad seasoning have a place in this delectable dish. Well, for some strange reason, it tastes really good with on chicken. Whoever design’s the labels should put a note on there or something saying how good chicken tastes with this seasoning. Hopefully, you can trust me on this; go ahead and sprinkle some around the chicken. If you’re trying to keep as much salt out of your diet, then sprinkle it lightly. You definitely don’t want to miss the flavor.

All Seasonings AddedNext comes the main seasonings, your Cajun seasoning and your chives or fresh green onions. Make sure Cajun seasoning is spread thoroughly throughout your chicken. You want it to mix well to help boost the sweet, spicy sensation of the chilli sauce. You can spread as many fresh green onions or dried chives as you want. I love them, so I spread them on pretty heavily. Plus it gives the dish a nice presentation.

Let all this sizzle for about three to five minutes or so, depending on your elevation; then flip the chicken to its backside. If you keep the chicken pieces nicely touching one another, your flip should be a breeze. Just a side note: before you ever learn how to cook; the first thing you should probably learn is how to flip food in a skillet. It’s a wonderful skill and very helpful. If you don’t know how. Make yourself a pancake and practice with that.

Golden BrownNow, moving on. You’ll want to keep it moving around in the skillet after about two minutes. This way it’ll get a nice glistening golden brown. Keep Sauteing your chicken until you can see that all the pieces are evenly cooked, and begging to be eaten.

That wraps it up. Enjoy one of my favorite dishes and hopefully you’ll be inspired to create your own dishes of cooked art.