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W3 logoOne of the greatest things we need to keep in mind as designers is we need to continue educating ourselves, even after graduating from a college or a university. I find it that we are so blessed by living in an age where information is literally at our fingertips. And there is a lot of free information out there for designers.

Unfortunately, being a graphic designer isn’t the only thing I can focus on. Many companies want you to know HTML or other software, which many times doesn’t line up with an artistic mindset. However, learning these programs will definitely give you more of an edge when employers see you’ve educated yourself. It shows you have motivation and tenacity, and that you are willing to learn.

Now, I know that a classroom setting has it’s place in education, so I’m not saying we should do away with public education all together. But, what I am saying is if you use resources to your advantage, you’ll be better prepared for the jobs you want in the future once you graduate. Or, if you’re like me and you have graduated, you’ll be better prepared for the job you really want.


Probably the wisest thing someone ever told me was that there is no such thing as the “perfect” job. There will be parts to every line of work that are unpleasant, but if we take on a greater understanding of how to deal with the negative, we can remain positive. Remember, we are designing everything; whether our designs, ourselves or the world around us. Sometimes designing ourselves is like putting up drywall. Ask anyone who works construction and see if their favorite part of the job is doing drywall. For the most part, many of them don’t care for it.

SQL servicesThis all about being better prepared for the future job market, and it’s free information waiting to be soaked up by your designer brain. Right now I’m in the middle of learning SQL (Structured Query Language), which allows you to access and manipulate databases (to put it simply). And while you may not like learning these things because of your artistic mind-frame; try approaching the task a different way. Don’t think it as learning something you’re going to hate about a job, perceive it as a challenge to craft into your brain. You can choose to learn HTML/CSS, Java Script, Server Side, Web Services, Web Building, etc…So train yourself, design yourself to be better. You’ve got more potential than you know when it comes to soaking up knowledge.

Go to w3 Schools to learn and see more on how you can reach a new potential in teaching yourself new software. It’s worth the bookmark or you can always return to my blog and see it on the left hand side with the Spiffy links under Educate Yourself.