Easy Publishing Inspiration

There are just some points in life where you lose focus and direction of a project. However, I’ve stumbled across a great  tool for any of you are looking into publishing books or looking to just looking to get published period. My first attempt to publish my work was on Kindle, because it was free. But after awhile I saw that I wasn’t making a lot of profit. Kindle allows amazon prime members to download one free book every so often and so people were downloading my work for free, and I wasn’t getting paid hardly anything. I think I made a little over $30 in over 700 downloads between two books. That’s ridiculous.CreateSpace-Logo

Do yourself a favor, and use createspace. Createspace is another amazon company, but allows you to be published in hardcopy format, and it’s great for first time authors, or someone who is looking to get published. Createspace also carries various marketing options, which cost quite a bit, but you don’t have to use them to be published. You can even format the book yourself and get going on being a published author. Your work becomes available on amazon in matter of days, and you take about 30% of the profits. Createspace also gives you the option to publish on Kindle if you so desire. My preference is just skip that part in the process.