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Available for kindle at amazon.com

Available for kindle at amazon.com

The Wayward Prince is the first volume in the Lost Legends series, which entails the efforts of the established sovereignty of Eirmon warring an ancient evil, which has returned hundreds of years later to claim destruction upon the kingdom of light. The realm stands upon the edges of oblivion only to have a familiar face return and stand against the power off darkness.

Faced with an undeniable purpose, Titainius returns to the land of his birth, unable to remember who he is, or where he has been. The times of the past and present are lost to him; but flow back to his mind as he gazes upon familiar sights and sounds. The past must return to him so he can remember why he has returned, and the true power that carries his indomitable spirit to fight the evil that persists to destroy the realm.

Among his memories, there is voice deep within his heart, a light he can never forget. The voice speaks his memories and relays the story of a hero bent on seeking a power to destroy the ancient darkness and the events bringing him back to the place that remains so proverbial, yet appears so distant.

As Titainius’ revelations unfold, he remembers secrets of legendary power, names of forgotten friends and foes, battles with abominations, gruesome sights, lonely wildernesses and the light that drew him to become a shadow, a shadow of light. He must remember. He must see who he was, and now what he has become. For the evil that haunts him and the realm still remains, just off into the horizon.

Available for kindle at amazon.com

Available for kindle at amazon.com

The Four Stones is the second volume in the Lost Legends series. The tides of war are undecided as Titainius prepares the forces of Eirmon to a final confrontation with the dark lord. But the final battle with Grandprehe is not the greatest threat to the realm.

Now, more than one hero must arise. Unlikely allies come together to face the plague of evil in the land of Eirmon. But stems of betrayal are rooted in the secret to the power of the four stones. The forgotten past behind the stones reveals that evil wears many masks, and Titainius must face every one of them in order to bring an end to the dark lord’s reign. Though, this time he is not alone.

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